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2/11/2016 -

U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals tosses United States Constitution in trash

U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals exposes its self, as politically corrupted, makes a broken legal system decision.

Politically corrupted Seattle Federal Judge James Robart ruling, blocks President Trump's travel ban, his political party, corrupted three judge follows, U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals panel, upholds the order, and stain with contempt our 3 branches, checks and balances system of constitutional law..

Robart with a history of anti law enforcement decisions, that minorities, and now foreign, non U.S. citizens deserve special rights under the law than other U.S. citizens, proves judges should never be appointed or elected for life terms, and congress needs to act changing the law retro actively.
Extreme re vetting is needed at all levels of government including but not limited to state, federal, and all appeals judges appointed or elected, with a term no longer than 4 years for any other than that of the U.S. Supreme Court.

2/1/2017 -

Congressional conspiracy CDC FRAUD

United States will see 1 in 25 children with autism by year end, up from 1 in 45 last reports. Congress wil order subpoena of Dr. William Thomson investigate the CDC MMR vaccine study FRAUD

Repeal the congressional conspiracy 1996 National childhood Vaccine Injury Act enact emergency legislation to hold liable vaccine manufacturers for all injury, or injuries, caused by the vaccines.
Executive order is needed to make single measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines be made available to the public immediately. That all vaccines be reclassified as all other pharmaceutical drugs and tested accordingly.  Watch:

President Donald Trump, Supreme Court Justices appointees, on abortion and affirmative action

Nov 12 2016 - Nominees should agree, as even the simple minded know, life begins for plant life at germination, then animal, and human life, at conception, to be protected by the Constitution Of The United States Of America. The first detection of a heartbeat and type of heartbeat, determines this life is not plant or animal, but human life, and is guaranteed protection, by the Constitution Of The United States Of America. Nominees should also see the unjustness and want to reject the old evil, affirmative action law.

Affirmative action law to end

The affirmative action law, a UN Constitutional, and wrong law, put an end to it, the un American, only race, and color, prejudice law of United States, the anti white man law.

The constitutional call for minutemen to form militia and respond, during this UN American President Obama lame duck presidency period.

Veterans day 11/11/2016 In response to: 

Democrat criminal cartel leader Hillary Clinton call criminal rebels to fight in the streets burning our flag, while aiding the foreign invading enemy. We the people ask President Elect Donald Trump on his first day of office, to sign an executive order to outlaw American flag burning as a gross felony, and pardon minutemen militia who responded to the call. We also ask congress and senate to ratify and send a similar bill, to out law the burning of the American flag, to Donald Trumps desk to sign into law, and appoint Supreme Court Justices to up hold, over turn Roe vs Wade, Roe law for ever.

Election 2016, America WINS. We the people THE SLEEPING GIANT, awakend and has voted a Republican ticket and did not lose our most valued rights.


FBI director James Comey releases designed to expose the Clinton cartel,

  gets orders from his boss to stand down, and press release, and re confirm probes over, from Clinton cartel rigged attorney general appointee,of Bill Clinton. Has caused an FBI internal civil war on ethics between honest and good and not so honest and bad top agents with in the FBI.

Question for up coming Presidential, Congressional, State, and local, election candidates. What do you plan to do about:

The Problem of what we the people feel our most imitate daily danger and are immediately most fed up with, the most obvious, and easiest to fix crimes against the public of promoting food producers misleading food product labeling, such as "spice or spices" designed to snd in current use to hide known tumor causing and other unwanted additives to our National food supply, like MSG ?
#1.The criminally intended misleading words "spice or spices"an intentional criminal fraud of our Nations politicians allowing, appointing, and in general, permitting FDA directors who are so intent on encouraging misleading labeling of our Nations food supply products.

These corrupt politicians do not only need to be investigated by special senate committees but also be caught and prosecuted, by the FBI for wrong doings and put on trial for not only receiving what ever considerations they or there friends or family have received, but also be put on trial for acts of high treason including at least multiple counts of attempted if not out right murder of the general public and health.

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